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MEMS Videos

Many books discuss microelectronics and MEMS processing. However, these discussions are always confined to printed text. Here is a list of links from the web (thanks to Youtube) that can serve to teaching new students and researchers about processing. A picture is worth a thousands words.

Wafer and chip fabrication

Videolinks about silicon processes
Overview of silicon microelectronics facilities and equipments
Evaporation and sputtering
Thermal oxidation
Wire bonding

General fabrication and manufacturing

Links of videos about manufacturing processes of electronics products.
Links of videos about miscellaneous manufacturing processes that are interesting.
Videos of machining and machine tools

Videos of commercial products

Videos explaining principles of commercial MEMS devices
Links of video about theory  
Links of video about circuits and design  

I would like to hear from you!

If you know of good informative videos, please submit a link to this site. Your video could be about MEMS, microelectronics, or any machining/manufacturing processes. If the video is useful, we will update our link and credit your contribution.