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This page provides a comprehensive and updated set of links to MEMS related utilities, interview and historical recounts, companies, emerging companies, research organizations, and products. For some companies, you can find most updated news items pertaining to them.

MEMS Insight (collection of personal opinions and interviews)


MEMS Technology Companies

  Large companies or companies with many products  
Texas Instruments Company  MEMS division  History of DLP development  lightCrafter      
Hewlett Packard ink jet printers  Technology  an HP inkjet cartridge teardown pdf archive 
General Electric
Global Research Corporate link Micro/Nano Sector (include link taken inside the cleanroom) History  
Honeywell Corporate  Microelectronics and sensors 
Robert Bosch (~$450M/year, 2008) Company Research and Technology Center Sensors division   history geomagnetic sensors    
Sensonor Technologies (Norway) Link Motion, pressure and accelerometers since 1965
ASM Sensor (Chicago area)  
Freescale Semiconductors Company Sensor division Xtrinsic pressure sensor      
NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq: NXPI), a Eindhoven, Netherland based european company with $3.9B revenue, Company sensor division ppt intro    
Kulite - Leader in pressure transducer technology Link  Technology 
TRW Automotive Electronics Group Link Wikipedia and tech milestones 
Sensirion AG, Switzerland, specializes in humidity sensor, pressure sensor, and flow sensor Link ultra-low flow rate sensor      
PCB Piezotronics, Link  
Measurement Specialities (Nasdaq:MEAS) Link OEM manufacturer of sensors    
Silicon Microstructures Inc (SMI), Link  
Murata manufacturing Co., Ltd., Link   
Sanmina-SCI, electronic and mechanical products, Link  
FOGALEnanotech, French company with products in capacitive, optical, and ultrasound sensors, Link  

 Companies primarily in the motion sensing space
Analog Devices (~$100M/year)  Company  MEMS division Analog Dialog, a forum for exchange Article on Gyro and Motion  
STMicroelectronics Company Wikipedia Description  MEMS/sensor division News 3/25/2011  
InvenSense Company InvenSense Youtube Channel Planning IPO for $75M   
Colibrys Link News  
MEMSIC, accelerometers and wireless motes, IMUs, and vertical gyro $18M sales in Q32011  Home
Endevco, accelerometers, Link pdf reference library about motion sensors   
Systron Donner Inertial Division (SDI) Link  
Bosch (see above)
ROHM Kionix, a company started by Cornell faculty in 1993 . Acquired by ROHM on Nov 13, 2009. Link Link to parent company ROHM  3/25/2011 
Denso, Japanese automotive parts (~$200M/year, 2008) Link  
Sensata Technologies, (NYSE: ST)Multinational automotive safety products, started in Germany formerly TI Sensors (~ $140M/year, 2008) Link Investor Info History   
Infineon Technologies, A German company with global imprint on many challenging areas (~$130M/year, 2008). Spun off Siemens in 1999. Link  Wikipedia 
Schneider Electric, a French Company, a global expert on energy management (~$100M/year, 2008) Link Company History  Sensors Wiki  
VTI, a Finland company focusing on automotive and sensors (~$80M/year, 2008) Link  Asian Distributor QuadRep 3/17/2011   3/24/2011 acquired by Murata on 10/11/2011   
Panasonic Industrial Works, supplier of automation, electronics, and lighting (~$70M/year, 2008) Link   
Delphi, leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automobiles (~ $70M/year, 2008) Link  
Sumitomo Precision Products, Silicon Sensing Systems Link MEMS division  MEMS division 2   
SensorDynamics, Austria, wireless motion sensor products, acquired by Maxim (Nasdaq: MXIM) on July 18, 2011 for $160M, Link  
Sitronix, Taiwan. Link  
Epson Toyocom, Japan, QMEMS process  Epson Electronics America (EEA) IMU sensor  Link Epson Microsystems  Epson Electronics America     
Pirelli Cyber Tyer Link 
Moog Crossbow. Crossbow's 2010 revenue was 13 million dollars. It was acquired by Moog (Nasdaq: MOG.A) in July 2011.   New link     
Qualtre, headquartered in Marlborough, MA, USA, venture backed SAW motion sensor, founded in 2008,  Link  
Silicon Designs, military rugged capacitive sensors, Issaquah, WA, founded in 1983, Link  
DyTran Instruments, Inc, Link  
Acacia MEMTech, (Nasdaq:ACTG)  Acacia Link  
VectorNav Technologies, LLC, embedded navigation solutions  Link    
Goodrich, a Fortune 500 global supplier of system and services, Link News related to IMU shipment 2012 development in Minnesota 
MiraMEMS, China, link
QST, Quality Sensor Tehcnologies, China, gyros Link started 2012

Cephied bioassay Home technology news
Abbott i-Stat wholeblood analysis Site
CardioMEMS, a startup from Georgia Tech Company Article background  
ISSYS Integrated Sensing Systems Company  
Omron Micro Device division, Pressure sensors, thermal sensors for human presencecompany industrial automation sensors History  
Microprobe, a company specializing in neural implant devices,also entering probe card market to compete with Formfactor,  Link  
Microvisk technologies, developer of handheld system to monitor the blood clotting status of patients Company 
Fraunhofer IPMS, MEMS laser microscope, Link  
Axion Biosystems, multielectrode recording, Link    
Experimetria, pre-clinical trial research company, Link  

 Miscellaneous Asian and European Companies
SONY Semiconductor  Link  
Toshiba Corporate Research and Development  Link 
Hitachi MEMS and Hitachi Display Link Article  News  
company 2Q revenue $3.7M Q2 2012 profit=0.7million euro   
Lingsen precision industries, Taiwan Link News  

 Acoustic sensor space Analysis 2 
electronics, acoustic sensors, gaming joysticks for portable devices,  Home MEMS Knowles lead MEMS Microphone suppliers  
Akustica (purchased by Bosch in 2010) Link to news
Sonion  Link  News  
Analog Devices  sold Microphone Business Line (MBL) to InvenSense Nov 2013 1, 2,
Wolfson Microelectronics (Edinburgh, UK) Link  
BSE, Best Sound Electronics, Korea, websiteelectrete microphone design of BSE
Infineon All around German company with power IC, micro controller, sensors IC, and almost everything. website英飞凌
HOSIDEN, Japan, website

Suzhou MEMSensing 苏州敏芯 Microsystems Link  
NEOMEMS, 无锡芯奥微传感公司 website
Shenzhen AAC Acoustic Technologies Company website Link  AAC vs. Knowles Patent 1 2 3
Shandong Weifang Goer Acoustic Technology Link  歌尔声学 Listed on China Shenzhen Stock Exchange 002241 since 2008
analysis1Goer vs Knowles Patent2

Product listing on digikey speakerknowles microphone on DigikeySTMicroelectronics microphones on digikeyInvenSense Microphones on Digikey vs. Panasonic Electret Microphones

 Companies and technologies related to printers, print heads, e-paper, display, and optics: Wikipedia link 
Qualcomm Mirasol display Group page Video  Kyobo, Korea's largest bookseller, uses Mirasol-display technology, Nov 22, 2011 Koobe collaboration  Bambook      
Link  Story Collaborating with Chimei Innolux  
Pixel Qi Link is a spin off of One Laptop Per Child
Plastic Logic Link manufacturers polymer-based organic electronics 
E-Ink Corporation Link  Supplier of low power display to Amazon Kindle 
Hewlett Packard Flexible Display technology Link   
Liquivista, electrowetting display Link  
Organic LED Display Taiwan ITRI  
Silicon Light Machine and Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology SLM  GLV  
Keynote photonics, a developer of solutions, tools and processors for photonics applications using MEMS Company   
FLIR, leader in thermal imaging Link 
Sofradir, a B2B company headquarterd in France (since 1986). It develops infrared (IR) and wave detectors for military applications. Link  
ULIS, infrared sensor manufacturer, Link  
Pyreos, Edinburgh, Infrared technology, Link   

DiCon Fiberoptics and MEMS, secure switching unit, Link  
Santec Corporation, manufacturer of high speed swept laser for medical applications, MEMS scanner Link 
Boston Micromachines Corporation, deformable mirrors Link   
Wavien, low cost pocket projector    
Lemoptix, LSCAN micromirror device Link   

Optilux liquid lens for smart phones and tablets  Link   related:smart contact lens  
MicroVision, portable display device maker (Nasdaq:MVIS). Link 
Boston Micromachines, Adaptive optics, deformable mirrors. Link 
IMEC, Belgium, a company that focuses on nanoelectronics, including micro mirror arrays Link  

Fujifilm Dimatix, maker of large format ink jet printing Company link   3/25/2011  
Eastman Kodak 3/25/2011 

poLight AS, reflowable autofocus actuated lenses for camera phones, TLens, series B funding $18.5M in July 2011 Link   
Tessera Siimple MEMS autofocus lens Link  2Q revenue $70M Tessera is traded on Nasdaq under TERA.(TSRA)   
Chsistie, maker of 3D cinema projector Link  
Vuzix, video eyewear maker, Rochester, NY, Link  

Panorama Synergy, Magneto-optics devices, Link   
Kaiam, MEMS optics integration technology, Link  

 Communications and electronics space - RF switch, discrete tunable elements, resonators, filters, acoustic wave resonators
Avago Technologies, Link, Acoustic FBAR (film bulk acoustic resonator) filters (shipment news 1 2), analysis acquired Infineon AG's BAW business in 2008.
Agilent, FBAR filter and duplexer News 
WiSpry, developer of MEMS RF capacitors, tunable filters, duplexers, and RF switches Link  Analysis  
XCOM Wiress MEMS relays  Link  
Dust Networks
(smart dust sensors) Company History 
resonator Company 3/25/2011   ships 50Millionth unit around June 2011 
Discera (resonator) Company 
Shinsegi Communications Systems (oscillator) Korea, Company  
Siward, Taiwan, MEMS quartz oscillator 
Silicon Laboratories (Nasdaq: SLAB), which acquired Silicon Clocks and  SpectraLinear, both in timing solution  Company EE Time Article Jan/2011*    
Sand9, precision timing products for wireless applications Link raised $3.1M in Nov 2011      
Ecliptek, founded in 1987, oscillators  Link     
Cavendish Kinetics, a fabless semiconductor manufacturer in RF tuning products Link   
RF Micro Devices, cellular RF components, Link  
Enpirion, DC-DC power convertor chip with integrated core magnet, Link, Started in 2001 from Bell Labs, Enpirion bought by Altera for $140M in May 2013.
Wireless modules:
Mccdaq, MC Measurement and Computing, Link   

 Companies in the energy and materials space
MicroGen Systems LLC, energy harvestors link  
mPhase technologies, nanobattery technology, link    
MicroPelt, thin film cooler technology, Link  

 Small companies/relatively new start-ups/Products covering emerging markets (private held companies)

MEMScubemonolithic MEMS
Senodia, Chinese maker of gyro Link 
Collaborating with X-Fab on a variety of projects     
Fluidigm, developer of microfluid platforms  Link 
Veeco MEMS Probes Link 
Nanoink MEMS Probes 
Other companies in the scanning probe space K-Tek (Korea), Micro2Nano.com  
(Nasdaq:FORM), making of probe cards Link Q32011 revenue=$52M, net profit $6-9M. (reference: Microprobe)   
MEMjet, maker of large format ink printing head Link 
MOVEA SA, maker of motion sensing applications, including the Gyration mouse and airmouse app Link Company News Link  
Hillcrest Labs, Motion sensing remote, software, Link   
NovAtel, SPAN GNSS/Inertial Systems, Link   
InterSense, motion sensing technology, Link  Global Navigation Satellite Systems, GNSS  
XSens, motion tracking, Link  
Baolab, Spain, NanoEMS platform, motion sensing, magnetic sensing, packaging,  Link  
Audio Pixels (AKP:ASX), Australia,  MEMS digital speakers, collaboration with SONY and others  Link  

Bluechiip Limited (ASX ticker: BCT), a company specializing in wireless tracking solutions that monitors temperature of objects   Link   
Melexis NV (MELE: Euronext), Belgium, a company specializing in microelectronics integrated sensors such as pressure sensors, claiming to help cars become greener Link Wikipedia    
Telecardia, MEMS based pH sensors Link  
BlockMEMS, a Mass company affiliated with Block Engineering. Link to news  
MicroSense LLC, high resolution capacitive position sensors, Link
Ziptronix, 3D packaging technology, low temperature bonding, direct die bonding, link   

 Applied Research Institutions
CEA LETI (France) Link 
Alchimer, provider of advanced deposition technology Link 
A*STAR IME (Institute of Microelectronics, Agency for Science, Technology and Research) Link  Singapore ASTAR   
ITRI, Taiwan (Industrial Technology Research Institute), Link    
Microelectronics Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI), Quebec, Canada, Link  
Collaboration Innovation Center, Carnegie Mellon University Link  
Fraunhofer IPMS, a custom research institute for microelectronics and MEMS Link   

苏州纳米所SINANO research MEMS line

 Circuit/component Players
Maxim Integrated Products, analog and mixed signal IC Link 
Cypress,  Link touch sensor 
EPCOS AG, a German maker of electronics components, including MEMS barometric pressure sensor Link Wikipedia 
Altera, developer of packaging solutions for circuits Link  
MediaTek, inclusive chip designer, link  

 MEMS Consultants
A.M. Fitzgerald, Link 
Nanoshift, Link    
SystemPlus consulting, France, MEMS cost consulting, Link  

Equipment makers

Plasma-therm  Link    
Applied Materials ,  Link  MEMS division    
KLA-Tencor, Link  
EV Group (EVG), headquartered in Austria, founded in 1980. Specializes in double side alignment products and specialties wafers and processes. Link 
Oxford Instruments, Link       
Xactix (XeF2 etcher), Link  
Primaxx (dry etch release) Link 
Tegal, Japan an innovator of specialized production equipment including DRIE, Tegal ProNova, etc (maker of DRIE equipment) Link Link  
Finetech (bonding, assembly) Link 
SUSS MicroTec AG, founded as Karl Suss in 1949, headquartered in Munich Germany, coater, 3D integration, bonding, nanoimprint Link   
Sumitomo Precision Products, SPP, maker of etching, deposition, thermal processing equipment, Link 
EV Group, headquartered in Austria, with presence in US and Asia, lithography, bonding, advanced packaging,  Link 
Brewer Science, bonding, wafer handling, lithography tools, anti-reflection, etc Link 
MEMSStar, UK, special equipment including surface treatment and zenon difluoride etching Link $20M order in 2010 
Tousimis, Supercritical carbon dioxide dryer maker Link  
Xaxtix, Zenon difluoride etcher maker Link  
Lumera Laser for pico second laser processing Link  
E M Optomechanical, EMOpto, maker of 3D MEMS profiler Link 
SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS), a supplier of capital equipment and process technology, maker of APS etch system Link  Omega APS etch system  
OAI, semiconductor lithography instruments link  
Sonoscan, acoustic imaging, wafer bonding inspection. Link   
Advanced Diamond Technologies, diamond film deposition, UNCD diamond, Link  
Rasco GmbH, testing equipment, a Cohu Inc. (Nasdaq: COHU)  Link  
Multitest, a maker of test equipment, part of Dover,  Link   
Moritex, machine vision and digital imaging products, link  
CMSF, Plures Technologies, Owner of Advanced MicroSensros Corp, magnetic sensor fab, Shrewsbury, MA Link  
Resonetics LLC, excimer laser MEMS processing tool, Link  
Surfx Technologies, atmospherical plasma technology, acquired by Precision Mechatronics in Nov 2011  
3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) acquires Huntsman Corporation (NYSE:HUN)'s Digitalis resin MEMS platform for $41M, Nov 2011  
Micronit MEMS division, design, prototyping and manufacturing of MEMS on glass Link    
Scannano, Deep vacuum gap (DVG) technology  Link   
Schott, maker of thin glass wafer MEMpax    
Heidelberg Instruments, maker of table top lithography systems   Link   
4Wave, ion beam sputtering system, Link   
PVA TePla, system engineering company in hard-metal sintering, plasma processing, and crystal growing. Link   
Solid State Equipment LLC, single wafer wet processing and cleaning, Link  
USHIO, Japanese maker of optical systems, including steppers. Link  

MEMS Foundry: A complete list of MEMS foundries, Listed according to 2006 revenue

The first ten below are listed top ten by MEMS Investor Journal, Oct 14, 2010 Link PDF Backup 

Pure play MEMS foundries (MEMS only)
IMT, Innovative Micro Technology (Santa Barbara), largest pure play MEMS foundry, through wafer via technology Link  
Asia-Pac Microsystems (APM) Hsinchu, Taiwan, Link   
Tyledyne Dalsa (Canada, near Montreal) Link  (Teledyne acquired Dalsa for canadian dollar 341 million around Dec 22, 2010) 
Micralyne (Canada, near Edmonton) Link Success stories  
Silex Microsystems (Sweden, Boston, San Francisco) Link Unique Technology 
Colibrys, Switzerland and North America, manufacturer of motion sensors, and provider of foundry services Link Foundry      
MEMSCAP (formerly Microelectronics Center of North Carolina, MCNC) Link  
XFab mixed-signal foundry experts, Germany, Texas and Malaysia  Link  
Tronics, Grenoble, Dallas, Link   
Touch Micro (founded 2004) Taoyuan, Taiwan, Link 
Advanced MicroSensors, owned by Plures and CMSF.  Strewsbury, MA. Specializing in magnetoresistive sensors.  Link   

Honeywell foundry Link
Omron Foundry Link 
SONY Foundry Services, foundry customers include Knowles Electronics,  $31M in 2011  Link 

Mixed mode foundry
2011 outlook  
ST Microelectronics, foundry with $228 revenue in 2010 for HP joint lab opened with China's Harbin Inst. of Tech in 2012    
GlobalFoundries, Link   
TI foundry, one of the largest through joint collaborative efforts, customers include Lexmark, spin off from a former IBM ink jet division.
MEMS Tech, Malaysia and Singapore,  Link    
SVTC (development and commercialization services), Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas Link Laid off people in 2012
Texas Microfactory (Pilot scale production) Link 
Sensoror, Norway, $38M for 2011
Semefab, a new player, Link   
Tronics Group, MEMS foundary operating facilities in Grenoble, Dallas, Japan, Beijing Link  

Primary IC Manufacturing Foundries
TSMC, taiwanese foundry specializing in electronics, enabling and leading the fabless semiconductor movement, founded 1987 by Morris Chang and ITRI,  Link  Wikipedia  
Hua Hong NEC, Shanghai, China, founded 1997 , Link 
Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing, 宏力, Shanghai, China, formed in 2000, Link 
MEMSmart, Suzhou Nano, Link
Midwest MicroDevices, Ohio, USA, Link
UMC, 聯電, Hsingchu, Taiway, Link CMOS-MEMS process  
合舰科技, HJTC, subcidiary of UMC in China

Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Shanghai, Link  
Semiconductor Manufacturing International, 中芯, China, SMIC, formed April 2000, Link 
Siware Systems, fabless semiconductor company focusing on custom ASIC and MEMS  Link    
Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), Tokyo, Japan, and San Jose, CA Link 
INO, Quebec, CANADA,  link  

Jiangyin Changdian, 江阴长电封装 microelectronics packaging house in southern China
晶方科技 Suzhou WLCSP, microelectronics and camera chip packaging

MEMS Product Vendors and "MEMS-inside" Products

Component vendors: Newark electronics Link  
Digi-Key Link 
Robot Simple, a neat site that sells parts for building robots toys, including MEMS parts Link 
Projectors and TVs (InFocus, )
E-readers: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook   
Gaming machines: Nintendo Wii  
Consumer electronics: Apple iPod  
VectorNav, (Dallas, TX, founded 2008) GPA aided inertial navigation systems on chip Link   
Spirent, indoor positioning hybrid sensor fusion (see also Omron) Link  

Nike FuelBand, high end pedometer that use MEMS to count steps and color to provide feedback
XSens motion tracking  | X2Impact, helmet mount brain injury detector |  Lifecomm LLC, watch for fall detection
Runtastic Gmbh, smart phone apps for tracking exercise status |  Tanita Corp, activity monitors | Polar Electro, activity monitors
BodyMedia, body tracking | Motorola Mobilities, MotoACTV 
Linx, array camera maker, Israle, dual-, tri, and quad apeture imagers for depth of field information, link (started in 2009 and bought by Apple for $20M in 2015)
Pelican Imaging, 3D array camera maker, link (started in 2008)  


Transducer Research Foundations
MANCEF: Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation Link  
MEMS Industry Group Link  
MEPTEC: Microelectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council  Link  
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
CINN,Chinese International NEMS Network, Link 
CSMNT: Chinese Society of Micro and Nanotechnology Link  
MEMS.net  Link MEMS user community containing information about the field and various tools and applications 
SEMI, the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain for the micro- and nanoelectronics industries. Link   
VDI/VDE Innocvation, a German organization, Link  
Minalogic, a Grenoble, France company with many projects and clusters. Link  

MEMS Design Tools

Kic, a free graphic editor for MEMS layout
L-Edit, by Tanner Research, for circuit design
Coventor, maker of CoverntorWare  
Synopsys, silicon multi die design tool, Link  

Noteworthy link to technical notes

Packaging of three axis accelerometers Link
Venture capital funding of semiconductor industry Link 
Where are MEMS found, a list of MEMS devices used in various industry sectors Link 

Noteworthy link to wearable and IOT (Internet of Things, modules, chips, circuits, controllers)

QuickLogic Inc, Sensor Hub development kit, semiconductor solutions for wearable devices, Link
Imagination Technologies Group plc, micro controllers for sensor hub, Link
MM7150 Motion Module, Microchip Inc, motion sensing module, $27/each Link
ACAM Gmbh, ASIC maker for wearable devices, Link
X-IO, inertial module with micro controllers Link

Power, wireless players
IHS Technology, an industry group, link
Power Matters Association (PMA), link , news
Alliance for Wireless Power, link

* If a company derives over 70% of revenue from one product, the company will listed in one category. If a company has two or three products that are roughly equal in revenue, the companies will be listed across two categories. If a company has more categories but none of the product is larger than 70%, the company will be listed under "large company or companies with multiple products".