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Frequently updated news related to the MEMS field. 

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January 26, 2011, STMicroelectronics report $10346Million full year revenue, 21.6% higher than last year. I-Micronews link  
January 20, 2011 Samsung buys Liquavista Engadget news  Analysis  
January 20, 2011 Analog Devices introduces 24 bit ADMP441 microphone 
January 18, 2011 Russian investment $700M into Plastic Logic Engadget news Analysis 
January 4, 2011 Qualcomm Mirasol announces it will invest $1 billion on a new manufacturing plant in Taiwan
January 3, 2011 Samsung announces it sold 10 million Galaxy S phone powered by Android

December 9, 2010 Intel confirm Oregon D1X facility to make 450 mm diameter wafers for massive production of 22 nm products by 2018.
December 2, 2010 Shoe-based radar system points the way when the GPS is not working Link from Gizmag 
December 1, 2010 STMicroelectronics releases LPS001WP pressure sensor Link from Embedded System News.com pdf archive
Nov 24, 2010 E-readers to open up $1B semiconductor opportunity in 2011 News from EDN 
Nov 23, 2010 Analog Devices wins MEMS microphone patent case over Knowles News from Sensors 
Nov 23, 2010 iSuppli forecasts that global MEMS market for automotives increase 23% to 662.3 million units in 2010, and that demand for auto safety sensors to grow in East Asia due to new government mandates. Link Link 2 
Nov 12, 2010   Korean LG New Color E-ink display Link  
Nov 9, 2010    E-Ink develops Triton color epaper Link   
Oct 28, 2010    Liquavista display demonstration video Link to Engadget 
Oct 25, 2010    Is a color Nook coming?  CNN Tech News Link 
Oct 9, 2010    MEMS gyros help with new cell phone design. Forecast 285 million unit in 2014. Link 
Oct 5, 2010    MEMS-packed smartphones are world's biggest wireless sensor net (by Colin Johnson) Link1 Link2  
October 4, 2010    Pixtronics and Hitachi jointly develop Perfect Light low power display News  News2 

September 15, 2010 SONY demonstrates flexible electronics paper display Link to Engadget 
September 7, 2010 St. Jude buys Georgia Tech Startup CardioMEMS for valuation of $375 million Link to Atlanta Business Chronicle PDF archive iSuppli analysis 
August 16, 2010 EE Times, MEMS have it covered, a review of motion sensors News PDF Backup 
July 12, 2010, WiSPry to supply MEMS for Infineon News Related news  
Aug 25, 2009    Bosch buys Microphone maker Akustica  News  Analysis 
February 29, 2009
    MEMS Microphone market analysis Analysis
April 22, 2008    Forbes Magazine, MEMS the Word Link PDF Backup  
October 11, 2007    RF MEMS Market forecast Link   
June 07, 2007    Knowles and Akustica agree to cross-license MEMS microphone News 
April 07, 2004    Knows pick MEMSCAP North Carolina to run wafers News