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Instructor Resources

Supplemental Notes Formal notes related to math, modeling, and design. These notes are "mini chapters" or "quick look up resources" containing only essential information.
Supplemental Example Problems More additional example problems will be included. An instructor can get the problem and the solutions, and use them to discuss with classes.
Project Ideas Often projects are assigned at the end of a semester. Here we include a couple of project ideas.
Supplemental Homework Problems There are a large number of homework problems. However, there seem never to be enough good homework questions. An instructuro may want to browse a list of supplemental homework problems, arranged by Chapters and by topics. The problems are numbered so that an instructor can directly assign homeworks from here.

The following resources are available to verified instructors by email.

Supplemental Chapters

Certain topics are not included in the printed version. These deal with specialty topics, such as Optical MEMS, RF MEMS, and BioMEMS.  They could be available online to allow anyone with an interest to explore. Click on the available links to see the table of contents of available supplemental chapters. To order the chapters, contact the author.

Supplemental PowerPoint files

By Chapter: Instructors who use this book for classroom teaching can request power point files related to a particular chapter, either for specific chapters or for all chapters.

By Topics: nstructors who use this book for classroom teaching can request power point files related to a particular topic, e.g., bioMEMS.

Individual Figures Used in the book

Figures may be provided as a downloadable zip file that contain all figures in all chapters. Alternatively you may also request specific figures that you are interested in. Figures are generally provided in .jpg or .tiff formats (non editable). If for some reason you would prefer editable figures (.eps, .png, or freehand), these may be arranged if they are available in these formats.

Homework Solutions

Instructor may request homework solutions to a particular chapter or all chapters.

Contributed homework problems and solutions

Faculty members who use this book to teach have occasionally contributed their problems and solutions.  These problem sets can be used for homework and exams. These are available upon request.  Up to now, we have received contributions from the following individuals: Prof. Yu Sun, University of Toronto. 

To request education materials, please contact the author directly by email.  Please present web links of your teaching/research university while requesting course related materials.