Famous MEMS Products (Top Ten MEMS Products)

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Innovative MEMS devices can be found in the following products:

#1: Ink Jet Printer head

(higher quality image

The ink jet printer commands $2 billion a year (approximately $1 billion for Hewlett-Packard alone). The ink jet printer cartridge carries a silicon micromachined chip with holes and ink channels. Each ink nozzle can fire small amount of ink drop very rapidly. Ink jet competes with laser printers in the market place. With the explosive growth of digital cameras, ink jet printers play an important role for home printing. 

#2: Digital Light Processor (Texas Instruments)

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This product was developed by a team lead by Dr. Larry Hornbeck and coworkers. The development spaned more than 20 years before the first successful product hits the market (see graphic history of mems). Dr. Hornbeck starts to develop the device in 1977, and made the first prototype in 1994. In 1998, DLP won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.  The DLP competes favorably with LCD displays. DLP and its derived technologies are now being aggressively shrinked to fit into pico projectors. The yearly revenue of DLP products is approximately $1 Billion. There are many optical MEMS companies trying to improve or alter the TI technology.

#3: Digital micro gyros for smart phones

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#4: Accelerometers for automobile airbag depolyment

(high resolution image

#5: Microfluid chip and systems for DNA detection

#6: Automobile pressure sensors (tire and manifold)


#7: Microphones

#8: Resonators


#9: Wireless communication systems (resonators, capacitors)


#10: Medical and physiological sensors

Honorable mention and Up-and-Comers: 

Scientific instruments (Atomic force microscopes, nano lithography, spectrometer)

E-book display devices
Retina display devices
Magnetic bearing sensors

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