Syllabus EECS 221

Fundamentals of Circuits

Week 1: Quick review of KCL/KVL Laws and Circuit Analysis

Week 2: Quick review of circuit analysis, Equivalent circuit

Week 3: Capacitor, Inductor, and Resistor. RLC circuits and analysis

Week 4: Transient analysis, math review

Week 5: Transient analysis

Week 6: Sinusoidal steady state analysis, Phasor.

Week 7: Sinusoidal steady state analysis (continued). AC circuit power analysis

Week 8: Filters. Bode plots.

Week 9: Operational amplifier

Week 10: Review. Roadmap.

Textbook: Engineering circuit analysis, 7th Edition, William H. Hayt, Jr., Jack E. Kemmerly, Steven M. Durbin