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About the Book

The Foundations of MEMS textbook was authored by Dr. Chang Liu while he was on faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and first published by Prentice Hall (Pearson Education) in 2005.  It was the first systematic MEMS textbook for undergraduate and graduate education geared for a mixed-major student body. This text focuses on the discussion about the three pillars of MEMS - design, materials, and fabrication methods. This book discusses the fabrication process, transduction principles, and modeling/design aspect of designing a mechanical/electrical system. These three elements are interconnected in complex ways. A student of MEMS is exposed to these three concepts in steps suitable for an multidisciplinary audience.

The second edition was published on February 28, 2011, by Prentice Pearson-Publishing. Click the cover design below for a high resolution image. The latest table of contents can be viewed here. A preface to the second edition can be reviewed here, summarizing major changes. The device shown on the cover is a Parylene micromachined pressure sensor.

Chang Liu appreciate the efforts and supports of the Pearson Prentice-Hall publishing team: Marcia Horton, Andrew Gilfillan, Alice Dworkin, William Opaluch, Irwin Zucker, Clare Romeo, Sudeshna Nandy (Aptaracorp), Nitin Agarwal (Aptaracorp).

The first edition was published in 2005 and had a run for 6 years. The cover design is below.

There are a number of important features to this book:
1. It is written for a mixed audience from many majors;
2. It covers the most essential concepts for processing, transduction and design;
3. It contains a rich set of examples, case studies, and homework problems;
4. It can also serve as a comprehensive reference book for professionals and technologist.

The book is adopted in many North American institutions. The book was translated into three overseas versions and adopted by over 50 universities world wide. 

Cover of Korean translation
Cover of traditional Chinese translation.
Cover of simplified Chinese translation. This book was translated by Prof. Qing-An Huang of the Chinese Southeastern University.

List of schools that uses this textbook.
Table of Contents of the First Edition.