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Examples are categorized into three types: Concepts, Fabrication, and Design. These examples are numbered C###, F###, or D###.

Example C001: Name the types of packaging and integration schemes from diagrams. [keywords: package, encapsulation, integration]
Example C002: Name the integration and encapsulation schemes of three MEMS products (gyroscopes and DLP). [keywords: gyro, DLP, DMD, package]

Example F001: Compare two different options for a Z-axis capacitive accelerometer. [keywords: acceleromater, fabrication]
Example F002: Compare four options for a Z-axis accelerometer.
Example F003: Compare two options for an X-axis capacitive accelerometer.
Example F004: Compare four options for an X-axis accelerometer.

Example D001: Given dimensions for two sensors (following example F001), predict performance.